Flower Language

Flower Languages:  
Rose: Love and Passion
Lily:  Innocent, Elegant, Gorgeous
Cala Lily: Greatest beauty of all (Freedom); Father’s the greatest
Carnation: Mother’s the greatest
Gerbera: Obsess for your care and attention
Daisy: Missing you
Tulips: Expression of love and warmth-hearted
Baby Breath: Heavenly happiness; Joy for the new born
Peony: Wealth and prosperity
Orchid: All the best; Wisdom; Rational
Sunflower: Sunny; Hope; Deeply in love with you
Bird of Paradise: Man who is deeply in love
Antorium: Just Married; Luck; Happiness
Hydragea: Devotion
Ivy: Fidelity
Rose No. of Stalk Language:  
1 Stalk:  The only one
3 Stalks:  I love you
9 Stalks: Forever in love
10 Stalks: You are perfect
12 Stalks: I adore you
15 Stalks: I’m sorry
20 Stalks: I’m truly sincere towards you
21 Stalks:  My special love
24 Stalks: Forever yours
25 Stalks: Congratulations
36 Stalks: Because of your romance
50 Stalks: Golden memories
66 Stalks: Unlimited love
99 Stalks: Be Mine and make me complete
100 Stalks: Love for a hundred years
101 Stalks: I love you the most
108 Stalks: Will you marry me
365 Stalks: Missing you everyday
999 Stalks: I love you till the eternity