Testimonial from Darlene

Hi Meizhi,
 I know it is overdue, but I would like to thank you for being the florist for our wedding ceremony. The flowers were beautiful, and our guests truly loved the very sweet atmosphere in the room.
 Here is a picture of myself with the bridal bouquet and my groom with the boutonniere. Thank you very very much for your help in making our day a memorable one.
Bridal Bouquet Groom Corsage
Customized bridal bouquet

Customized Bridal Bouquet Package

We are specialized in creating customized bridal bouquets and other accessories including groom boutonniere, parents corsage, sister wrist corsage, hair flower, etc. We have new bridal bouquet package at $158 to include the most seasonal flowers for your wedding bouquet and a complimentary groom boutonniere. If you want to add some special element to your bridal bouquet, Yes, we can do it for you.
One of our brides like lavender flowers, just as I do. So we modify the bouquet a little bit to add the dry lavender flowers. Here the before and after looks! & don’t forget the lovely boutonniere. :-)
Bridal Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet

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Pick the Perfect Wedding Bouquet for Your Dream Wedding

It is dependably a confusing inquiry when people want to know what kind from wedding bouquet you need.Nowadays there is so much option,to the point that you do not have to restrict yourselves to few design or choice.The main conceivable limitation is the state of your dress as certain dress length,styles and fabrics are not suited to a wide range of bouquet.You will get a wide range of wedding bouquet in Singapore of various styles, matching your perfect wedding.


Hand held posy – spherical

Hand held posies are the sort of bouquet normally held by bridesmaids albeit more couples are trying for this alternative.These are moulded like a little ball into which roses are attempted to deliver an excellent example whichever edge it is seen from.These bundles last truly well on the grounds that the centrepiece is normally intensely watered in this way settling on this decision an incredible one for warm climate weddings.

Modern Bridal Car Decorations

Another turn to decorating the wedding car accompanies the utilization of vehicle chalk or window markers for a less expensive choice to finishing.Vehicle chalk can be utilized to compose interesting or empowering messages on the windows or on the entryways of the auto.The profit to this kind of enrichment is that it is easy and it doesn’t derail the paint of the auto or scratch the windows.

Bridal Car Decor
Bridal Car Decor


Customary enhancements for the wedding auto incorporate composition of a sign that says, “Recently Married”.This could be possible with vehicle chalk or you can compose it on a sign and stick it to the car.An alternate piece of the convention is binds modest metal jars to the guard of the auto with string.This convention occurred amid the medieval times when individuals needed to avoid malevolence spirits by making an uproarious commotion.

You can get the best wedding car decoration in Singapore also.Decoration mainly consists of flowers and you can easily get it delivered in you house itself by ordering online.Picking blossoms online is additionally a basic and pleasant experience.The blossoms’portraits,depictions,and also costs are unmistakably shown on the site. There are many online florists in Singapore from where you can get the best blossoms for improvement in your wedding.

Get Your Wedding Car Decoration in a Creative Way

Ordinarily a wedding is about the lady and lucky man.They choose the color scheme, the music,the sustenance for the gathering and every other thing.The only chance that the friends truly get to have a say in the wedding is the point at which it comes time to choosing the carthat the couple will ride away in.The wedding car decoration can be designed in an exquisite manner,or it can have a funny theme; whatever the friends choose.The following are a few recommendations for decorating a wedding car.


Elegant Decorations

The most elegant decoration that you can use to enhance the wedding car is use of flower.You can pick flowers that will match with the color scheme the groom and bride will pick for their wedding, or you can pick an exquisite white.Roses are the most well-known flowers utilized for brightening and decoration.You can pick red roses, yellow,white,pink,or red.Any color you utilize will help make the car wonderful.Use strips and matching trim to tie the flowers onto the car.